WL//WH Track Of The Day: VANITY LINES “Sirens”

Track Of The Day Vanity Lines

Channeling all his passion, dedication and enthusiasm in setting up his own New Hex record label, thing that in and of itself, it deserves all our respect, Minneapolis-based musician/singer/songwriter Cliff Mitchell has just dropped the first single, “Sirens”, from the soon to be released sophomore EP under his solo moniker Vanity Lines.

An elegant synth-driven noir-ish electronic sound that aptly blends recurring sonic elements from ’80s post-punk and new wave, to create a rich, immersive and intriguing combination of punching drumbeats, intertwining guitar chords, rumbling basslines and baths of evocative synth to bolster emotive and sensual vocals.

The moody and atmospheric “Sirens” spills forth with unremitting robotic smoldering bassline, underlined by tense fragmented crashing beats, that pulses and buzzes tightly onward, as somber, repetitive, achingly dazzling synth-driven melodies emerging and whining out to infuse mesmeric layers of fearful intimacy within shy, trembling, whispery vocals laced with desperate love, slowly exposing what lies inside, feeling briefly peaceful and unbound, before, tarnished in a claustrophobic surge of dramatic sonic urgency, being overwhelmed in sheer cries of terror and hopeless vanity of what transpired and how life will “never be the same.”

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