WL//WH Track Of The Day : Vàkoum ‘Still Ready’

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I always dig the demo section of Brighton’s Fat Cat label, from time to time you can find unexpected little gems, and yesterday, boom!, it happened again!

Vákoum is a Brooklyn-based dreampop, ‘nu-stargaze’ duo formed in 2013 by young multi-instrumentalists and producers Kelli Rudick and Natalia Padilla.

In ‘Still Ready’, really a demo?,  analog and digital instrumental subtlety and energy are blend together in building an imaginative warm sonic atmosphere made of overflowing keyboards and ethereal vocals, with hints of Bjork infused-passion and Cocteau Twins bliss, creates an environment of cosmic fantasy and escapism pretty much impossible to get enough, just press play once again.

I include below a live video session in order to realize how brilliant the duo are.

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