WL//WH Track Of The Day: UTOLSÓ HULLÁM “Oly mélyen alszol / You sleep so deeply”

Track Of The Day  Utolsó Hullám

Hungarian Oldschool Gothic Rock /Post-Punk band Utolso Hullam, made up of Jakab Árpád (Motyó) on vocals, guitar, synth, Tamás Némedi on guitar, Richuda Buda on synth, and András Töller on bass, deftly conjure up the enveloping gloomy gothic atmospheres combined with the danceable, rousing rhythmic edge of iconic bands such as Sisters Of Mercy, The Cult, Red lorry Yellow lorry and Fields of the Nephilim, in their sophomore single “Oly melyen alszol / You sleep so deeply”.

The introspective lyrics capture the notion of a soul sleeping euphoric without the enlightened knowledge of ancient wisdom to evoke melancholy, fear, and isolation.

The steady stomping pace of a mechanical drum machine throws into a ride against the treacherous darkness, relentlessly menaced by a punchy warbling bassline, lit by forlorn guitar melodies rife with piercing reverberations and alienating effects, awash by desolate new wavish synth swathes, to build up tension and dramatic intensity around dire, haunted vocals suffering in disaffected breaths of angst and longing for a shared awakening.

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