WL//WH Track Of The Day: URBANDONED. “At A Glance”

Track Of The Day  urbandoned.  

urbandoned. is a duo from Germany who made their debut in the second half of 2020 with a promising album, “never again.”, to then drip a consistent number of EPs and singles, and add over time, to their classic and minimal initial 80s influenced Post-punk, consisting of martial rhythms, deep melodic bass, penetrating guitar riffs and gloomy vocals, also washes of enshrouding wintry synth in typical Darkwave style.

Also the new three-tracker, “Scenic Outpost”, displays this nuanced dichotomy between atmospheric, somberly contemplative, shadowy tones and more achingly vibrant, rhythmic and surreal moments.

To the latter belongs “At A Glance” laced with confessional lyrics unleashing ghostly auras of lost dreams, hopeless desires, and tragic awakenings from the subconscious depths of frozen fear.

An obsessive tight pounding drum machine ignites a merciless doomy drive, cut by crisp stuttering claps, thorough a murky interplay between a snaky forlorn, organic bassline and an ominously burbling artificial low end constantly bouncing, swept by a snappy string of icy bright synth flashes to build an eerie epic swaying whirlwind around shapeshifting male vocals, varying amidst ominous baritone growls, dark celestial hums, and urgent frightened breaths of shelter-less existence

urbandoned. deliver a painstakingly crafted, heartfelt and immersive dark post-punk, well worth your consideration.

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