WL//WH Track Of The Day: UNHOLY SAINTS “The Night”


Unholy Saints is the new Goth-leaning cold and hypnotic “Post-punk / Darkwave endeavor led by London-based artist Santiago Cala, which encapsulates haunting vocals, opulent synthesizers, and wistful guitars.”

The early glimpse of dim light from Unholy Saints‘ comfy fatalistic, murky and forlorn realms, comes into being with the debut single, appropriately title, “The Night”.

High swathes of ceremonial ambience bustle the ceasessly heartless and hypnotizing pace of hard-hitting snare beats alongside brooding bass lines churning and humming underneath, obsessively pierced by bleeding echoing guitar wails, and haunting icy glowing synth flashes, to inject eerie and dismal moods cloaked in shadows of darkness, for the comfort and enlightment of subtle magnetic baritones, reverently adoring the still beauty and mysticism of  “The Night.”

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