WL//WH Track Of The Day : ULTRAVIOLENCE ‘Pure’

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Few were the bands that immediately at first listen set my soul on fire as Joy Division, I’m not surprised at all if the new generations increasingly make reference to their sound, the main issue is the personality, the passion and freshness in revising it.

On the right path, right from the start, seem to be the Indonesian cold wave / post punk duo from Malang, made of Torkis Waladan and Maulana Akbar, the latter also member of the excellent shoegaze outfit Hellens, Ultraviolence, who last year released a very promising demo on the Gerpfast Kolektif label and the self-released debut single “Sport And Celebrity Gossip”.

Ultraviolence‘s music, crafted with a minimal instrumentation of bass, synth and drum-machine, is steeped in suffering and despair, intense and unsettling.

Pure” starts with a piercing bass line and tense robotic beats, bringing to mind Joy Division’s ‘Heart And Soul’, the synth lines provides a gloomy tone to the bleakly baritonal vocals that mourn all its grief and disenchanted, building an hypnotic throbbing and sinister climate of murkiness and an excruciating feeling of deep inner loneliness and despair that infected every single note.

A solid confirmation of a band with heaps of potential and another big step heading towards an even stronger own identity.

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