WL//WH Track Of The Day: Улица Восток [Ulitsa Vostok] “Следы на снегу / Footprints in the snow”

Track Of The Day  Улица Восток  

After yesterday’s collaborative track between Delirium and Povod, today we move just a few kilometres to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, with the new single “Следы на снегу / Footprints in the snow” from Улица Восток [Ulitsa Vostok], the band led by the evocative and emotionally charged voice of guitarist, singer and composer Gennady Ushivets, who recently have released the debut album “V poslenij raz / Last Time” via Saint Petersburg based independent label Sierpien Records.

The trio play a tense and energetic, at the same time atmospheric and soulful guitar-driven post-punk sound peppered with dark poetic and poignant lyrics.

The new single draws a fictional world of heartfelt romance with a lyrical picture of an erratic, flustered departure from a train station now left abandoned in the snow, as dreamlike escapism from the claustrophobic harsh grey reality of everyday life.

A heartbeat like pulsating bass line leads a sinuous dance into a brisk intense cinematic swing, fuel by steadily skipping beats, crisp percussive patterns, pierced by a shiny haze of chiming guitar reverberations, whilst icy glowing synth swirl helplessly with increasing cold melancholy atop intensely passionate dramatic male vocals echoing lost dimensions of love and loss into the longing nostalgia of daydreams.

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Photo by @myroslava.zed