WL//WH Track Of The Day : UIU “Night Drive”

Track Of The Day

UIU is the solo moniker of the Australian musician Greg Weir from Perth, also one half of the duos DTHWBBA and WhiteFawn.

The brand new second EP titled ‘Emotion Parallax’, recorded in his home-studio using vintage analogue synths, experiments with a wide palette of dark sounds defined by a distinctive, sour and at the same time melodic, aesthetic.

‘Night Drive’, with hints of 80’s synth-punk acts like Suicide and Ike Yard, is propelled by krautrock-like trance-inducing repetitive and obsessive drum machine beats and minimal and hypnotic synth lines and powered by the emotive Greg’s vocals interspersed with a guest female voice, and results in something deeply unsettling yet hypnotic, marked by a feel of melancholy, loneliness and desolation, a mesmerizing nocturnal ride into the misery of human soul hopelessly disconnected in a world that is falling apart.

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