WL//WH Track Of The Day: TWINS IN COLOUR “Honey Bread”


Born as a duo in 2019, Leipzig-based band Twins in Colour evolved over time into a quartet (trio?) together with a predominantly guitar-strewn Lo-Fi Dream Pop sound in which the synthesizers, initially used to provide further nuances, and dark, gloomy tones gradually began to become more prominent.

The German group has dropped the first single, “Honey Bread”, from their upcoming third EP “In event of moon disaster”

“the title of a contingency plan that was to come into effect in 1969 in case astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were to become stranded on the moon – with no way to return. We composed the soundtrack to this event that never took place …”

The song is laced with romantic lyrics that declare a permanent fusion of hearts, minds, and experiences during good times and bad, seemingly in stark contrast with the depressed and algid ambiance depicted by the synthetic instrumentation.

A synth-laden spectral folk ballad winding between shadows and glimmers, nostalgic pensive Dream-Pop introspection, and solemn drifting icy Dark Wave desolation, rife with profound melancholy, built on hypnotic slashing beats, buzzing oscillating low ends, topped by frozen glaring synth sweeps, swirling and dancing with stirring forlorn elegiac heartache over grave spoken-word vocals delivering promises of comfort and love into a distorted shift of perilous horizons.

Twins in Colour‘s third 6-track EP, “In event of moon disaster”, is slated for release, in 12″ Vinyl LP and Digital formats, on March 31, 2023 via fellow independent label All my ghosts.

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