WL//WH Track Of The Day : TWIN SCHISM “Fatwa”

Track Of The Day  Twin Schism

Twin Schism is a new 2-piece based out of Los Angeles fresh from releasing their debut self-titled 5-track EP. 

With a minimal instrumentation of bass, guitar, drum machine, synth, combined with militant rants, the band create a challenging, visceral and highly energetic brand of dystopian post-punk reminiscent of the Gang of Four angular, dour, funk-infused punky abrasiveness , The Wire’s bleak art-punk minimalism and early Swans sheer harshness.

It is right at the latter that hints “Fatwa”, dealing with greed, suppression, and revolution, steadily propelled by menacing, rumbling bassline pulsations keep the tense and wiry vibe relentless, fueled by rhythmic solid hypnotic drumbeats, scarred by stabbing and dissonant sharp guitar riffs to counterbalance the angry, frustrated, hackles and shouts of disgust, shame and indignation revealing a desolate sense of despair yet untamed defiance at the dystopian plight of our time.

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