WL//WH Track Of The Day : TURQUOISE “Miroir”

Track Of The Day  Turquoise

On the brink of releasing their self/titled debut EP in the next few days, Brussels based, Belgian 4-piece Turquoise, which, accordingly, play a sort of ‘shoegaze et onirisme pour darkos au coeur tendre’, have previewed the first song “Miroir”.

Hints of 80s new-wave/synth-pop atmospherics and reverb charged shoegaze distortions with a pinch of rhythmic post-punk spikiness permeate “Miroir”.

Fast-paced tight and solid syncopated beats and frozen, hazy backdrops of synth build a dauntingly haunted mood, striking the balance between angst and atmosphere, tension and release, loaded by intricate and piercing effected guitar stings echoing and resounding over subtle awkwardly sinister ethereal female vocals tormented by suspicion, secrecy and fear drifting towards a hectic and chaotic coda.

Check for the band’s debut s/t EP due next 15th of March and the same day release party with Coeval (featured here) at CHAFF in Brussels.


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Photo by © Diego Andrés Moscoso