WL//WH Track Of The Day : Triumphant Race “Denial”




Vermont‘s coldwave / synthpop independent solo project of Puerto Rico-born writer and musician Etienne T., Triumphant Race would absolutely deserve more recognition.

After a collection of his early EP’s and last November brilliant debut album, meaningfully titled ‘Sad Northern Youth’, is still one of the best kept secret of the synth underground scene.

‘Denial’ is pristine synth-pop, crafted of superb knack for compelling sad hooks, never predictable, a progressive and futuristic synth sound with the best contaminations from 80’s electronic new wave and coldwave, bringing to the mix a powerful emotive impact and an intense and soothing atmosphere of melancholy and persuasive melodies. Etienne’s emotional and deep voice reflects a feeling of disenchantment, dissatisfaction and alienation that only in his art, and the unspoilt nature, can find a romantic way to escape reality.

Highly recommended!

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