WL//WH Track Of The Day: TRIT95 “Blood Wears Thin”

Track Of The Day TRIT95

Hailing from the San Diego, California, the elusive solo project TRIT95 delivers, for a few years now, synth-laden angsty sparkling pop ruminations with sometimes slightly emotional dark leanings.

As well as the noise-pop combo Sustains, we featured a while ago, they too lately turned to synthetic penchants, affiliated with the Cola Freak Records, a group of young romantic punks, more appropriately a community of friends dedicated to putting out sonic projects with sparse regularity, moving in secrecy with almost no physical exposure, in a pure passionate DIY spirit producing lo-fi, odd, vital 80s inspired off-kilter indie music, out of any preconceived scheme and commercial purpose.

A true work of passion and devotion, fleeing trends and seeking nothing but their own imaginative ‘lost in space’ worlds imbued with their own hopes, insecurities, regrets and misery, increasingly rare in these absurd time of boundless consumerism and showing off.

A label that stimulates the eyes since the colourful graphic concept, confuses and gratifies the ears, tickles and pervades the senses and somehow the kinship.

Equally intense and reflective “Blood Wears Thin” concocts steady lashing rhythms, bouncing bassline flashed by woozy swirls of fluttering glowing synth chords shipwreck on a keyboard and 6-strings induced, trippy chiming interlude, from with arise crispy off-tempo skipping beats and reverb-strewn wistful guitar melodies lost helplessly around detached airless vocals releasing bitter regret, shame, and malaise into the spinning majesty of false hopes and shattered dreams.

Heartfelt lyrics confess “I only wanted to belong to you”, as lost desperation fills the romanticized memory with the harsh, disillusioned reality of what will never be.

On the flip, the rumbling instrumental post-punk drive “UNTITLED.02”, that with lyrics could be turned into something even more intriguing, is worth listening to.

Cola Freak Records embodies all that a DIY label should be, stimulates the eyes since the colourful graphic concept, confuses and delights the ears, tickles and pervades the senses, and somehow the kinship, but don’t be too invasive, they could take it the wrong way.

TRIT95 new single “Blood Wears Thin” is out now, digitally, on Cola Freak RecordsBandcamp.