WL//WH Track Of The Day : Tristán B. “City Rain”

Track Of The Day  Tristán B.

Tristán B. is the one-man synth project of Antonio Rodríguez based in Mexico City.

Debut 3-track EP “About You” is created with a minimal set up of analogue synthesizers and sample-based drum machines, blending elements of synthwave and synth-pop with post-punk undertones, as ‘part of a desperate search to find some kind of catharsis’, depicting moody, shadowy, bittersweet, emotionally-charged soundscapes, pervaded by lingering sadness, drown in pain and loss, wonder and nostalgia. 

With lyrics freely inspired by the thoughts of Korean-born German philosopher Byung-Chul Han, “City Rain” unfurls a relentless, hypnotic, crystalline arpeggio that layer perfectly together with repetitive steadfast drumbeats and deep throbbing bassline underneath to build meditative yet vibrant, wistful and melancholic electronic waves of melodies intensified by spacey sombre keys, whilst contemplative deep vocals laced with anxiety, weariness and loathing, question his compatibility with the immediate surroundings revealing an underlying distrust in the conformism and emptiness of the digital modern ‘dead-end’ society…‘city rain forgive uscity rain wash our sins‘.

The other two songs are equally as remarkable, making for a very promising debut.

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