WL//WH Track Of The Day: TRILLION “Circles Around Me”

Track Of The Day  Trillion

‘Never give up on passions’, an expression we’ve already used with regard to the English duo Dreams of Empire, fits perfectly for the Australian quintet based out of Melbourne.

Started way back in the early days of 1993, the band, driven by the unbridled enthusiasm of guitarist Steve Hartley and bassist Darren Barnes, released an EP titled “Satellite”, but in full grunge explosion, it wasn’t the right time and right place for shoegaze as they decide to go on undefined hiatus.

Apparently, the acclaimed Slowdive reunion has been a huge source of inspiration, as once again lighted the flame of composing music again within the two best friends, the rest is history…

With the addition of singer/guitarist Sarah Quirk, guitarist Rohan Mackenzie and drummer Sean Vella, the well-received 7-track mini-album “Maybe Sometime Soon” was dropped last summer soon followed by the single “Kusanagi” in December.

Spacious and melodic, simultaneously fierce and powerful, Trillion‘s modern take on classic layered and reverbed shoegaze sound is sprinkled with 90s noise rock and laid-back moody dream pop.

Taken from the brand new self-released EP “When I Wake” and its most vigorous and poignant moment, “Circles Around Me” uncoils an intense cathartic yet eerily absorbing feedback, fuzzed up reverb and restrained distortion combine to create a magmatic yet effortlessly melodic and hypnotic wave of sound tied together by warmth and deep bass and relentless steady rhythm section as dreamy, euphoric, ecstatic dual male and female vocals intone sweet melodies submerged in expansive dissonance falling through a thick harmonious continuum bristling with overwhelming astonishment and penetrating guitar leads.

Standing in the centre of Tokyo looking in every direction as far as the eye can see finds one spectator in awe of the beauty, size, and scale of humanity involved in both the planning and sustainability of the community.

Check out the hazily atmospheric yet energetic “Walk Away” and “Slow Down”, just my favourites, to resume a deliciously infectious warm and lush bliss-inducing ride. A truly work of heart.

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