WL//WH Track Of The Day: TRAVELLING WAVE “The Ghost Song”

Track Of The Day Travelling Wave

The ‘darkgazepsychnoise’ Brazilian band Travelling Wave, led by Carol Alleoni (vocal/synth) & Thiago Altafini (guitar/backing vocal), debuted with a self-released full-length album, “T-Wave”, back in 2013, soon followed by a trio of singles including the EP “Cloud of Madness” and the involvement in a JAMC tribute compilation for the highly missed fellow Brazilian blog/label TBTCI, and then come back only this year in a rather consistent way with 4 new songs in close succession, if we include the real ‘rentrée’ of “The Lake” at the end of December 2019.
The new track, “The Ghost Song”, moving away from any noise and distortion, experiencing the icy caress of an unsettling and sorrowful breeze with a gently elegiac and narcotic fingerpicked folk ballad, that crawls and swells over acoustic bittersweet guitar strains laced with a bewitching glow, ethereal and uncanny at the same time, shook by dejected gusts of cold droning wind and dismal subdued strings, enlight by a soul-melting desolately weeping and wailing harmonica to exude spectral blues of mystery, bewilderment and gloom over raw crushed, and alluringly detached female vocals brutally longing in isolated fear for the comfort, love and relief of a lost home.
The DIY visuals depict shades of pale grey foliage that blow bleakly in the shelterless winds of shattered dreams.

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