WL//WH Track Of The Day: TRAIT D’UNION “Edee”

Track Of The Day TRAIT D’UNION

Straight away from the first notes, the first single from the French solo act trait d’union brought to mind distant memories of youthful holiday forays in Nice and its surroundings, in those few smokey night clubs with no strict dress code, where one could dance to the electrifying rhythms of Les Rita Mitsouko’s “Marcia Baïla” and more precisely Indochine’s “Kao Bang”, both not too popular a few kilometres beyond the border.

It will be for the dashing vocal tone weighty with emotions similar to the one of Nicola Sirkis or the striking balance between nostalgia and anger, through an anthemic onslaught of clangy guitars, new wavey swirling keyboards and thunderous drums come slamming down on you embedded with punk energy, however for once my instinct seems to get it right, also compared by the label to Oï Boys and Rendez Vous.

Hailing from Toulouse, South of France, lately known for a vibrant electronic dance scene, although already several years ago a friend of mine enthusiastically told me about the Occitanie capital’s fervent nightlife, trait union, the Synth-punk one-man band has dropped the first single, “EDEE”, taken from the forthcoming album, “Adieu la fête”, scheduled for release on May 24th via Frozen Records.

A rushing whirlwind of tightly wound nervous tension unleashes close-knit urgent rhythms, punctuated by crispy and muffled percussions, churning palpitating bass pulses, dramatic keyboard glows and angsty prickly wiry guitar melodies, to drown urgent agonized vocals in relentless tides of melancholy, abandonment, and boredom.

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