WL//WH Track Of The Day: TOURIST ACTIVITIES “Wrong Side”

Track Of The Day Tourist Activities

After the well-received first EP “Of My Mind” released in the spring of 2019, which unfolded between a summer-strewn array of Indie, Jangle, Surf Rock and Dream Pop, the Seattle based 4-piece Tourist Activities is back with a two-track single “Wrong Side / Oh For One” via fellow DIY label Den Tapes, as a preview from their forthcoming debut album, in which the lingering reverb-drenched, noise Shoegaze leanings, that already arose here and there, become more prominent, harmonizing organically with the blissful dreamy parts.

The band, made of founding members Bailey Melton (vocals, guitar) and Kell Jacobson (guitar) along with Chris Hansche (bass), and Christ Glaser (drums), stand out for a mesmerizing and multifaceted dual guitar work, combined with a vibrant rhythm section, while fragile vocals diffuse bittersweetness and melancholy with full hands.

“Wrong Side” is laced with dramatic lyrics that confess feelings of alienation, fear, and anger at the hands of a stale relationship.

The track unfolds fluctuating hazy blankets of fuzzed-out distortion, dappled with radiant guitar chimes, underpinned by soft thudding, scattered drum beats along with warm willowy bassline pulses, echoing with aching, wistful intensity, amidst a contemplative, humming interlude, atop angsty breathless vocal airs, injecting whiny and reflective regrets into unforgiving sways of broken dreams.

Imbued in classic 90s Shoegaze tropes, “Oh For One” sways between sparkling mesmeric guitar arpeggios and soaring loud walls of sound, punctuated by excruciating, high-pitched leads, whilst sad vocals pine and long into a dizzying obsession.

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