WL//WH Track Of The Day: TOTVM “Idealist”

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The dichotomy and at times the fusion, like in the latest 2021 second LP “The Destructive Character”, between the early Post-punk roots as former frontman of Metro Decay and modern Electronic leanings, have characterized the artistic path of Copenhagen-based Christoffer Bagge under his Totem/Totvm moniker.

After a predominantly electronic single laced with witch house sounds from last year, the Danish artist has chosen, given the growing conflict between the two contrasting directions, to split them under two different aliases, using the familiar Totvm towards a band project.

Dubbed as “his darkest and most noisy work to date“, Totvm‘s upcoming heavier guitar-laden EP is anticipated by the title track, “Idealist”, grounded in rattling and metallic Industrial rhythmic undercurrents, to bring an intense, edgy and visceral sonic experience of mesmerizingly dark beauty. 

The single explores the inner struggle between belief-driven hope and fatalistic apathy.

Crisp knocking and lashing drum patterns clatter through massive and swirling resonant buildouts of edgy anguished and poignant distorted guitar bleeds along with tortured synth drones, to echo in desolately rushing elegiac tones atop harsh breathy vocals, shifting between numb passionless words and strained agonized cries, seeping through glacial cracks, steeped in darkness, dim rays of hope.

Totvm‘s upcoming EP “Idealist” will be out digitally on June 27th.

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Foto by Kristian Gade