WL//WH Track Of The Day: TOSKA PO DOMU “юность/Youth”

Track Of The Day  toska po domu

Toska Po Domu is the ‘realistic’ minimal synth side project of Perm-based artist and musician Konstantin Ostrovsky in conjunction with his main ‘mystical’ darkwave act, Kondriate, and the latest ‘spiritual’ post-punk /coldwave one, црквь, all informed by his vision of the surrounding Russian reality.

Toska Po Domu plunges deep into analog electronic realms, assembling dystopian stripped-down synth DIY artistry laced with a raw, visceral and urgent edge.

The last single, “юность/Youth”, rolls out jittery, broken dry beats that intertwine with a thudding and rolling tight bassline, overcast seamlessly by a glaring vortex of wavering and fluttering icy-bright synth stabs, pulsing in and out with all-encompassing obsessive and chilling intensity atop anaesthetized disintegrating male vocals, expand in numb distorted echoes to decipher misunderstood alienation and disconnected dread into an icy entrancing forcefield of an overwhelming radiance.

A poetic stream of consciousness uses a metaphor of an empty road to describe the anxiety, fear, and self-imprisonment felt by “Youth” at the hands of an oppressive system.

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