WL//WH Track Of The Day: TOMORROW’S GHOST “Landing”

Track Of The Day  TOMORROW’S GHOST   

Grabbed a little late from Soundcloud, TOMORROW’S GHOST is a new Post-punk / Coldwave band from Lausanne, Switzerland comprised of Jules Decrauzat & Loris Pirrello.

The finely crafted first single, “Landing”, clearly draws from the 80s-tinged gothy Post-punk sound, defined by an eerie and atmospheric John McGeogh-esque immaculate arpeggiated guitar tone of timeless Siouxsie And The Banshees memories, with a lilting psychedelic sheen, whilst spectral vocalizations lie lost in the shadows.

Lyric-wise, an obscure ethereal, disenchanted aura surrounds a lost soul with emptiness and fear.

A steady mechanical drum machine lashes the roiling murkiness built by a rumbling and throbbing bleak bassline, meandering along with ethereal, haunted guitar embroideries, to weave enveloping chilly uncanny melodies, clad in a disturbing shimmery trance-like spell, to obsessively light and echo, punctuated by sparse poignant horn-like blows, atop ghostly female vocals, drawing helpless breaths of frightened melancholy from a silent realm of plagued memories.

Absolutely curious about more to come.

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