WL//WH Track Of The Day: TIDES “Cosmic Flower”

Track Of The Day  TIDES  

Houston, TX based Post-Punk 3-piece Tides have unveiled the first preview, “Cosmic Flowers”, from the upcoming EP“Swim Like God”, produced by the fellow independent label Maxiecore Records. 

The Texan group lurks in the shadows of atmospheric and introspective 80s post-punk aesthetics to trigger our nostalgic fires, coated with a fanciful psychedelic sheen.

“Cosmic Flowers” describes an ethereal daydream painted in deep tints of lust and imagination to elucidate feelings of a romantic encounter.

Steady bouncy snare beats propel a lithe, winding low bassline pulsing ominously, irradiated by glaring gauzy synth glows and chorus-laden ethereally glistening guitar melodies, wandering and reverberating with compulsive urgency around hallucinated, ecstatic vocals, breathing hazy mists of cosmic fantasy into obsessive pricklings of sparkling pain.

An intriguing and surreal contrast/harmony between the familiar, not too gloomy yet darkly post-punk tones and the underlying, subtly lysergic, dreamy undercurrents that suffuse the visionary lyrics.

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