WL//WH Track Of The Day: THREE PORTRAITS AND A PRAYER “Even Keel (Feat. Robin Kenny)”

 Track Of The Day  Three Portraits And A Prayer

On the precious recommendation of Miss Audra aka Madame Maledicta, check her Radio shows (every weekday – Monday – Friday 8pm – 12pm PT- on Eardrum Buzz Radio), Three Portraits And A Prayer is the suggestive electro-acoustic moniker, active since 2020, of multi-instrumentalist David Sklubal from Ottawa, Ontario, who creates immersive and alluring atmospheric sonic narratives, combining dream-pop and shoegaze with a dash of indie-folk and post-punk.

The Canadian musician has recently dropped his fourth single, “Even Keel”, in collaboration with the new vocalist Robin Kenny, plus the remixed versions of a couple of previous releases, “Lovesick” and “Never Let Go”.

A song seemingly inspired by the imaginative, quite elusive, ethereal atmospheres created by the fairly, albeit belatedly, celebrated visionaries Talk Talk and unusually, by the eclectic ItaloCanadian singer and composer Gino Vannelli, a cult artist even in Italy in the 70s / 80s, renowned for his sleek and refined ‘fusion’ style.

With such references could not but be emphasized the sonic elegance and sheer emotions infused in rarefied yet vibrant shadowy texture rich in nuances, streaked with sparkling gleams of light, whilst flowing with palpitating reflective harmonies and subdued disturbing dissonance, that intersect in a subtle balance until the final poignant fade.

The esoteric lyrics explore the inner and outer environments that make us who we are through a disenchanted lens of deception.

Reiterated swaying deep rubbery vibrations uttered by muted bass pulses unfurl with creeping anxiety and thick melancholy, constantly surrounded by enshrouding comforting celestial croons and pierced by sparse shrilling, searing distorted guitar drone, in a restless emotional tide of cutting wounded vocals’ crushing heartfelt harmonies of deep-seated pain and anger, amid ruffled and clanging scattered percussions and pensive interludes of strumming sombre stillness, to swell out, quivering with overwhelming aching intensity, into the bewitching evocative resonant trail of wistful trumpet melodies.

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Artwork by Danny Cabading (@dannycabading)