WL//WH Track Of The Day: THOUGHT CROSSES “Haunted”


Boston, Massachusetts-based Thought Crosses is a recently born offshoot of the Industrial / Synthpop band Europa Clippers active since the very end of 2020 with a couple of EPs and a bunch of singles, the latest from last month, to their credit, in turn with roots in the 1994 – 2000 period in the form of the Goth / Industrial duo Celia’s Dream, possibly yet curiously named after an iconic Slowdive’s song.

Blending driving electronic rhythmic patterns, haunting edgy synthesizers and moody expressive guitars with an emotive, melancholic vocal delivery, Thought Crosses explore a cold, bleak, and romantic mid/late-80s brand of Gothic-Darkwave with a decadent melodic spleen.

Whilst last May’s debut, “Just For Today”, was distinguished by a sonorous sinister bassline in the foreground, the new single, “Haunted”, introduces instead a synthesized low end suggesting Clan Of Xymox vibes.

The lyrics observe the endless darkness that surrounds a woman through a condescending lens of “you should have known better”.

Insistent snappy kicks, interspersed by intermittent uncanny rolling piano keys, spark off tight punchy snares and oscillating bouncy murky basslines, slow scrapes of scorching distorted guitar abrasion, choppy staccato riffs and poignant echoing ripples, encircled by solemn sweeps of synth desolation, around subtly menacing, deep aching vocals, lost into the obsessive, lovelorn sorrow from a heartbroken tragedy laced with dire pain.

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