WL//WH Track Of The Day: THIRST FOR LOVE “Just a Dream”


Austin, Texas based newcomer duo Thirst for Love deliver a lush and tantalizing plate of mesmerizing Synth-Pop delicacy through their debut single “Just A Dream”.

Channeling elements of Cocteau Twins, Violet Indiana, Ladytron, and New Order, the band blends and blurs imagination and reality, in an entrancing dancing reverie infused with a floaty, airy feel and a seductive sultry Balearic flair.

“Just A Dream” is, lyric-wise, a reiterated confession of an ethereal connection with another soul.

Dreamlike, shimmering sunrays and muted, cooler shades of dusk merge into a kaleidoscopic swishing stream of heavenly high-pitched whining chilly modulations, steady nimble drum beats, and sinuous seductive bass pulsations smoothly pummeling the sultry air, veiled by flashing wistful synth loops and tinkling harpsichord-like swirling filaments, colored by sparkly guitar echoes, laced with wiggly iridescent reverbs, to sway with whirring melancholy along soft, sweet celestial breaths of warmth and adoration, caressing the senses with hope and love.

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