WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU. “Stay”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  The World Ends With You.

Six-piece Nugaze unit from Klang Valley, Malaysia, The World Ends With You., equally caresses yet scrapes our senses with a vibrant vertigo of droning and bubbling fuzz-drenched sonic intensity in the best MBV heritage via their sophomore 2-track single “Stay / Solace”.

The over 8 minutes long “Stay”, lyric-wise, about a sad individual who begs another not to push him away, drips with dense yet dynamic emotional-ridden sheets of all-out noise and distortion, interspersed by a calm, reflective and longing brief arpeggiated interlude. Punctuated by clattering and rolling, eternally plodding, snare drums, doused in crashing cymbals, and humming basslines, the song shapes immersive entrancing emotive visions and dilated enrapturing fuzzed-out rushing expansions in an endless dazzling whirlwind of high-pitched ringing echoes and invigorating reverberations, to submerge, with kinetic swells of overwhelming feedback, feather light, dreamy vocals, lost in a sweeping tide of fear of abandonment.

Seemingly sounding like a louder, visceral and freeing sequel, “Solace” accepts the silent comfort from a loved one under a searing and heart-wrenching cathartic moon glow.

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