WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE VIRGINIA PLANES “Grounded”

Track Of The Day  The Virginia Planes 

German Dream Pop / Shoegaze duo based out of Heidelberg, The Virginia Planes, return with their sophomore single “Grounded”, weaving, once again, an equally noisy and melodic billowing mesh of swirling and intricate guitar work and emotive ethereal vocals, to create a hypnotizing cocoon of blissed-out Shoegaze daze.

A swaying carpet of syncopated, rolling percussions and ominous droning low ends form the lilting foundation on which flows a restless, impetuous and buzzing flurry of distorted fuzz-laden frothy guitar waves, carved by poignant achingly pain-filled leads, wavering amidst ethereal contemplative tones and dizzying surges, to float unrestrained in a seamless interplay between lights and shadows, abrasions and caresses, around feather light dreamy male-female vocal energies harmonizing seductively whilst cascading weightlessly through cool comforting mists of disintegrating undertows.

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