WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE VAPOUR VEILS “Eleanor”


Impeccable cover artworks, a bit of good Brit-like swaggering attitude, a familiar bundle of the most energetic and melodic Indie-Rock from the mid-80s to the 90s, sometimes peppered with Post-punk, Stockholm based 4-piece purveyors of ‘old school indie’, The Vapour Veils, have dropped the third single, “Eleanor”, from the forthcoming debut album, “The Last Hurrah”, scheduled for the end of October.

A nostalgic walk down memory lane begins by watching a long lost lover from afar to invoke a beautiful melancholy wept in intimate adoration.

A refreshing and beguiling shard of indie rock epic, that melds the poignant jangle of the Smiths with the romantic vibrancy of the Buzzcocks and emotive intensity of Marion, overflowing with an electrifying passion that soars with radiant energy and sweeping wistfulness,

through an intricate heady brew of crystalline jangly guitar melodies, underpinned by sinuous warm bassline pulses and brisk drums, chiming throughout to suddenly ponder and swoop with a dizzying releasing high-pitched intensity of yearning leads, whilst breathless, lonely brooding croons and vibrant backup chorus, layer sentimental longings and hopeless desires into an emotional outpouring of never-ending dreams.

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