WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE THIRD CUT “If Your Arms Are Empty”

Track Of The Day THE THIRD CUT 

Founded and masterminded around 2019 by Richard Adderley, former guitarist of the highly underrated early 90s elegant hopelessly romantic pop conspirators from Cardiff, Jack, with a couple of memorable albums, on Too Pure, “Pioneer Soundtracks” and “The Jazz Age” between 1996 and 1998, in full Britpop era, as well as part of the The Smiths-tinged indie rockers The Boyfriends in the early 2000s, the elusive English group The Third Cut have revealed their brand new single, “If Your Arms Are Empty”.

Rooted in the endearing somehow unpredictable and upbeat Richard‘s song craft of sheer melodious infectiousness, the band wield electronic rhythmic patterns, warm basslines, shimmery, at times clattery, guitars, and a stirring brass section, sweetened by uplifting bright vocalizations, to stir your pop craving ears.

“If Your Arms Are Empty”, a ‘swoonsome ditty’ about someone who doesn’t want to talk but just wants to be hugged, is a bouncy and buzzing soul-flavoured pop affair, propelled by smooth stomping rhythms, sinuous rubbery bass pulses and funky chanking guitar, whilst a Stax-tinted groovy horn section blows wistful riffage over high-pitched sassy and aloof vocals, to swing into a dreamy nostalgic chorus brimming with carefree feelings fragrant of breezy summer vibes.

The Third Cut‘s new single, “If Your Arms Are Empty”,  is available on the band’s Bandcamp; the limited 7-inch edition is already sold out!

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