WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS “Weird Sisters”

Track Of The Day  The Telephone Numbers

Hailing from the current hotbed of Indie Pop sound flourishing around the San Francisco bay, The Telephone Numbers, the band led by the former The Love-Birds member Thomas Rubenstein, surrounded by a bunch of local friend musicians, among whom Glen Donaldson of The Reds, Pinks & Purples, is driven by an instinctive penchant for the 80s/90s melancholic-laden Guitar Power-Pop, rife with end-to-end swirls of vibrant melodic hooks, that sounds cozily familiar with its 60s folksy-jangly sheen as well as organically fresh and engrossing at the same time with an increasingly energetic and vivid twist, as the latest tune unveiled reveals.

Following the captivating debut 2021 full-length LP “The Ballad Of Doug”, the collective returns with the Ltd. Double A-side 7″ vinyl single, “Weird Sisters”, co-released between independent labels Meritorio Records from Spain and Prefect Records from the UK, due out on February 25, 2023.

The narrative lyrics describe a lost soul trapped in a doomy world of two “Weird Sisters” who cast spells of darkness and blame over all that listen.

Hallmark shimmering strumming guitars embroider the striking song’s fabric, swaying, rippling, and wandering, cocooned by a stirring bright orchestration of swirling strings and airy organ filling, to frame seemingly carefree nostalgic vocals, layered with invigorating female harmonies, releasing angst and dread into a claustrophobic symphony of negative moods.

Definitely, “Weird Sisters”  is set to stick in our ears for the months ahead, most likely along the flip from what I could listen to.

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