WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE SLOW SUMMITS “Oh Me Oh My”


Possibly gifted with ‘scarce craftsmanship’ and producers of ‘not extraordinary songs’ coupled with ‘not unique lyrics’ as the band describes their music with undue modesty, nevertheless the Swedish four-piece The Slow Summits based in Linköping, made of Anders Nyberg (Lead vocals/Rhythm guitar/Percussion), Mattias Holmqvist Larsson (Bass guitar/Back. vocals), Karl Sunnermalm (Lead guitar/Acoustic guitar/Harmonica) and Fredrik Svensson (Drums), never fail to enthrall with catchy Guitar Pop tunes rife with endearing melodic twists and turns, breathing never forgotten scents of C86, The Smiths, The Housemartins, Aztec Camera, and The Go-Betweens, just to name the main ones enough to thrill our pop soundtrack and chill out our moods with ephemeral promises of an eternal summer.

This ‘bunch of stressed out middle-class dreamers’ have dropped over the weekend the slightly orchestral jangly pop single “Oh Me Oh My”, enriched by the usual Kajsa Risto‘s backing vocals.

Lyrically, the lost soul can clearly see the absurdity of his atmosphere, but instead of being frightened or concerned about it, he jests like a fool.

Framed by a simultaneously wandering and swaying weave of sparkling guitar melodies and enveloping stirring bright lush strings, enlivened by vibrant pulsations of brisk percussions and serpentine warm bass lines, a wonderfully evocative and powerful croon channels a drunkard in the streets singing, while the world crumbles around him, with entrancing backup vocals, as the oblivious masses, cheering him on.

Between familiar overtones and distinctive “elective affinities”, The Slow Summits display an impeccable knack for crafting compelling guitar pop music, with the right amount of energy, freshness and introspection; if they’d be also as prolific it would be asking too much.

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