Track Of The Day  The Secret Experiment

Hamilton, UK-based darkwave project of Lea Torn, AKA The Secret Experiment, whose modus operandi is often as secretive as his name suggests, is back after a little unusual pause with the new single “Blood”.

The Scottish artist delivers an esoteric, solemn and atmospheric dark sound marked distinctly for its evocative and mysterious intimism ​at the same time majestic yet organic, as it is resonant yet restrained, smouldering under gloomy shadows of inner turmoil, that combines soaring, dramatic and pulsing electronics with arcane and ritualistic ethereal vibes, choir-like vocal drones and vigorous yet enveloping shifting percussive patterns somewhat recalling Dead Can Dance’s mystical sensory nature.

Deep, somber, emotional male vocals rise and fall in painfilled heartache and obsessive longings haunted by eerie celestial hums, swaying in a turbulent and erratic hypnotic carpet of syncopated tight snare beats and rumbling, clattering low ends, stabbed by a dizzy whirlwind of forsaken buzzing chords and flashing solemn synth swathes to build intense, throbbing spiritual energies of helpless anguished rumination struggling to find meaning in a burning sea of despair.

The Secret Experiment delivers his distinctive brand of goth-tinged darkwave bristling with profound, uncanny and almost timeless expressiveness, to be followed carefully from week to week.