WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT “Medicine”

Track Of The Day The Sea At Midnight

A rather anonymous solo project from Vince Grant, also judging from the cover, as easily shot up recently, facilitated by technology within everyone’s reach.  Could be ambient, post-rock, neo-classical…but Los Angeles based The Sea At Midnight delves into the 80s-influenced, goth-tinged, Post-Punk, Cold Wave and beyond sounds.

Dramatic and brooding, achingly melodic, the debut single “Medicine”, surprisingly engineered and produced by Chris King of Cold Showers with additional drum programming by Brandon Pierce of Glaare, drips with dark frigid synth textures, evocative The Cure-like guitar lines and lyrical gloom.

Propelled by repetitive splashing drumbeats, charged by a low droning oscillating and menacing bassline, sparkling jangly guitar melodies and enveloping, icy dismal synth washes, brimming with palpable spellbinding yet unspeakable longing and sadness, waxing through dire, tormented, suffering vocals, shamefully seeking relief from relentless agony, as lead guitar bleeds wail over top with gut-wrenching yet despondent intensity, ‘here comes that pain again’ at the end.

Life has become too much to handle for a man suffering silently in inescapable excruciating agony.