WL//WH Track/Video Of The Day: THE RÛAH “Mirror”

Track/Video Of The Day  The Rûah

Just released this morning the debut mini-album, “Well, this shall pass too”, from Krasnyi Yar based, Russian shoegaze duo The Rûah, made up of Alon Willart & Kirill Kuchin, at first listen it fully confirms all the positive impressions the “Letdown” debut single from last year showed, with no real downsides, and at least three episodes of immediate impact, the aforementioned “Letdown”, “Terrain” and “Mirror”, of this latter we will deal with more in-depth, albeit for those who fancy slow meditative semi-acoustic moods can delight themselves with “Blast” and the final “WTSPT”.

Equal parts reflective and atmospheric, as energetic and emotionally wrenching, The Rûah’s intoxicating brand of soothingly noisy guitar sound, folds in loud-soft dynamics and staple elements of emo, to sits and stirs, over hazy vocals and intricately distorted 6-strings chords, laced with underlying melancholy and free-floating tension and dread, to create an absorbing listening experience of dizzying melodicism and sonic intensity to lose yourself in.

“Mirror” rides along in a perpetual, dream-like state of introspection, whilst at the same time conveying a palpable sense of urgency, through a silky abrasive fuzzy flow of hypnotic wistfulness, embued by drowning, fidgety and bright reverb-infused guitar riffs and weeping high-pitched leads that ebb and flow, fueled by steady, solid drums and hearty bass throbs, obsessively whine over achingly mesmerised, haunted male vocals shifting to angry shouts, suffering and falling beneath the detached misty veil of unconsciousness.

Shared simultaneously just while I was writing about the tune, Catt came to my aid for the accompanying DIY video:

Red and blue psychedelic filters melt into murky dimensions, alternating candid black and white footage with “out of control” animations to form a detached existence lit in revolving cartoon characters, as ominous shadow trace overlays and static disruptions suggest a mysterious cyber element is at play.

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