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WL//WH Track Of The Day : THE ROOM WITHOUT SUN “One More Time”

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Berlin-based, via Coventry, mysterious, all evidence points to Ukrainian, darkwave / post-punk singer, songwriter and musician under the moniker of The Room Without Sun, has finally reached the culmination of all his efforts with the release of his excellent 9-track debut full-length titled “One More Time With Feelings”, curiously the same title of a recent documentary about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds last recordings.

One of the most poignant and best moment of an album, alternating between semi-acoustic and electric moments, is “One More Time”, steeped in an irresistible melancholy, is driven by a swirling flow of melodic and shimmering jangling Smiths-esque guitars and the dour and tormented vocals, intensified by a final excruciating guitar solo, to create a seductive and immersive feeling of romantic sadness and desperate longing that will deeply melt your dark heart.

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Berlin post-punk