WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE RADIO FIELD “Other One (feat. Phantom Handshakes)”


Düsseldorf-based The Radio Field was initially conceived as the lockdown home-recording project of German musician and songwriter Lars Schmidt from the recently reformed, early ’90s Indie-Pop group Subterfuge, soon has evolved into a ‘decent all-star band’ with the arrival of Philipp Breuer (Pale) on lead guitar, Christoph Schneider (Clayton Farlow, Klee, Soccer, Soap) on bass/backing vocals, and the first Subterfuge drummer Mark Specht, following the positive feedback received by the first “Simple” EP in 2022.

Sharing the same music vision and devotion for the glorious guitar rock sound rooted mainly on C86, early Creation, US College Rock, augmented with a heavy dose of sizzling 12-string-Rickenbacker gleams, the band is ready to drop their ‘twangling and jangling’ debut album “Don’ts and Dos” due out on August 25th via Subjangle in cooperation with Düsseldorf based Less Records.

The Radio Field have dropped last weekend the second and last single preview, Other One”, featuring the alluring honeyed vocal backing from Italian expat relocated to Brooklyn, NY Federica Tassano from Phantom Handshakes, providing a silkier and ethereal Dream-Pop sheen to overlay the band’s typical ringing jangly tones and 90s Indie Pop vibes.

Underpinned by steady nimble drum beats and sinuously pulsing smooth basslines, a gentle, warm shimmer of winding guitars, crammed with vibrant riffs and angsty sparkling flourishes, enshrouds layered breezy male/female vocals, sugary childish echoes, and cold comforting celestial airs, billowing in moody pulls of secret connections.

The Radio Field‘s debut album, “Don’ts and Dos”, will be released in Digital &  CD formats, on August 25th via Subjangle, accompanied by a national tour.

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Photo by Suzie Kerstgens