WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE LSDAYS “A Different Way”

Track Of The Day The Lsdays

Together with Jaus and Rilev, one of the most interesting young bands from the Mexican Guitar Rock scene, Mexico City-based Shoegaze/Psych-Rock 3-piece The Lsdays, made of Cristian Carrera (Guitar, Vocals, Stuff), Marco Alarcon (Lead Guitar) and Yorgys Albarran (Drums), have dropped the brand new single “A Different Way.

Ideally on the trail of groups such as The Velvet Underground, MBV, Ride, Singapore Slings, Screen Vinyl Image, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Vacant Lots, the Mexican trio dabble in a haunting and atmospheric subliminal trippy haze of mesmeric psychedelic rock and fuzzed-out shoegaze, through a heady juxtaposition of something dreamy and introspective as well as unrestrained and powerful, to simultaneously evoke a bygone nostalgic past and a restless fate.

Magnetic and enveloping the band’s emotional-ridden sound reflects boundless sensory spaces and bedazzling sidereal sweeps, dulled and anchored by murky undercurrents of dystopian turmoil, constantly teetering between an introverted daze and feverish freeing catharsis.

“A Different Waydeals with dire lyrics hanging in a precarious balance of confused abandonment and endless possibilities.

The track sways along shimmery hypnotic guitar riffs, underpinned by steady punchy drums and a warm, sinuous pulsating bassline, inexorably slipping into spirals of hopeless melancholy, echoed by a swirling crescendo of effect-heavy, squealing and wailing leads, bursting with wiry heartbreaking intensity, to resound in and out around reflective angsty vocals, shifting back and forth, amidst lost longings and angry broods, whilst wandering alone in a big city of uncertain dreams.

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