WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE LETTING GO “She Lied”

Track Of The Day THE LETTING GO 

Made up of six experienced musicians, longtime stalwarts of the independent Scottish music scene, Edinburgh-based indie rock band The Letting Go are fresh from releasing their debut single, “She Lies”, via fellow independent label Stereogram Recordings, the first foretaste of the working in progress full studio album scheduled for around the turn of the year.

A balanced concoction of acoustic/electric guitars, keyboards, drums, bass and stirring bursts of trumpet and flute, augmented with passionate magnetic vocals, combines with an equally slinky and edgy compelling songwriting, to connect to that timeless British guitar pop heritage, varying from Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, to Felt, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, China Crisis and, of course, The Smiths, dappled with ’60s sheens, deeply rooted in both heartfelt bright melodies and persuasive melancholy, along with visceral and confidential lyricism.

Lyric-wise, a devastated soul broods in the overwhelming pain experienced by being toyed with by a loved one.

Enveloped in the Bacharach-like soulful atmospheric breadth, reminiscent of Michael Head’s Pale Fountains memories, from bittersweet trumpet-blowing harmonies, the song arouses steady shuffling drums, swaying strums and sweet jangled riffs to create a soft and vibrant carpet for the warm and intensely emotional vocal outpouring of heartache and misery.

The Letting Go‘s debut single, “She Lied”,  is available via the Stereogram label‘s Bandcamp with a wider digital release soon.

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