WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE JANITORS “Through the storm into chaos”

Track Of The Day The Janitors

Longstanding since 2004 Swedish ‘drone-machine’ collective based in Stockholm, The Janitors have been recognized over the years as the European counterpart to the Texan “native drone’n’roll” of The Black Angels, sharing the same heavy drone drenched quality, but with less 60’s leanings and more visceral and fleshy noisy and acid-blues razor-edge, towards murky, anguishing and doom sonic territories inspired by the British underground music scene, ranging from JMC and Spacemen 3 to Joy Division and even the late 70s/early 80s New York’ Bowery punk scene of Suicide, peppered with distinctive Middle-Eastern rhythmic nuances.

On the verge to head into the studio to record the follow-up to the acclaimed militant 2017´s album “Horn ur Marken” on Cardinal Fuzz Records, still as relevant today, not only musically, in these times of capitalistic neo-liberal havoc, unfortunately, the current global pandemic puts all in limbo, and behold, the 5-piece started, to relieve the lockdown tension, releasing a new song every second week, just following simple rules: one riff, one night of recording and a couple of days of mixing and mastering.

After the first outing, a meaningful and poignant tribute to Joy Division with a cover of “Isolation”, here is the second “Through The Storm Into Chaos”, ‘a menacing churning darkness that blasts out into the dreamfuzzspace stratosphere’.

A ritualistic percussive array of deep kicks, clicks and rattles pulse tirelessly, hypnotic and mysterious, dragging along, shrouded in obsessive fuzzing seething grooves, created by an ominously piercing intertwining of obsessive, grim bass throbs, abrasive reverberating riffs and searing glowing guitar distortion, into a densely hazy droning aura of relentless impending menace and simmering darkness, mowed down by glacial sidereal blinding swathes of keys, whilst haunted tribal chant and primal howls, echoing raw twisted visceral torment over an excruciating and striking spacey trek ‘Through the storm into chaos.’

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