WL//WH Track Of The Day : THE IRE “The Adventitious”

Track Of The Day The Ire

Today we are going to recover a track from a debut 4-track demo cassette that popped up at the start of the new year, amazingly far better sounding and with mature songwriting than many official releases.

Shy away from the social medias, Philadelphia based 4-piece The Ire, comprised of members from local new wave bands The Guests and Ramones-que punk rockers Dark Thoughts, influenced by 80’s UK post-punk bands like Skeletal Family, dark anarcho punksters Lack of Knowledge, Flowers In The Dustbin, The Mob and with nods to the more recent Spanish goths Belgrado.

Rooted in punk inmediacy and anti-establishment fury, veined with gothic vibes, “The Adventitious” consists of menacing deep bass pulses and sharp icy guitar riffs that  introduce the consistently intense interweaving of distressing, hypnotic, at time stuttering, guitar leads and deep throbbing melodic bass lines underpinned by tight crashing drum beats building a climax of defiance, strength and endurance embued by powerful throat-shredding feisty jabs.

Dark and aggressive, simultaneously minimalistic and urgent, strikingly emotional and energetic, a very promising band to start the new ‘post-punk’ year with.