WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE HOLY HOUR “Pay Me Attention”

Track Of The Day  THE HOLY HOUR

“Pay Me Attention” demands the debut single from North London-based duo The Holy Hour, ‘comprising two products of the late ’80s, producing songs inspired by and indebted to the decade’, as the Curesque title could suggest. 

Not as funereal and haunting as “Faith” era The Cure, the song ceaselessly meanders between dark and light with a high-intensity combination, ala Shame, of moody Post-punk, scraping Indie Rock and magnetic vocal expressiveness, sizzling with discordant, tense yet electrifying guitar-driven washes of intricate, jittery and noisy energy.

The murky and restless “Pay Me Attention” churns through tight, thumping drumming along with punchy rumbling basslines, throbbing and juddering relentlessly, layered by sharp-edged, distorted and sparkling dire riffs and obsessive ringing wails, swirling desperately atop wicked, arrogant and unwavering vocals, punctuated with eerie whispery echoes, demanding all attention be paid to me from a broken soul.

The Holy Hour‘s first 4-track EP“Empty Noise”, produced by former Test Icicles member Rory Attwell, is due to be released later in the year.

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