WL//WH Track Of The Day : THE HOLLOW DOLLY “An End To Lies”

Track Of The Day The Hollow Dolly

Second Turkish band in a row, even if not unusual on WL//WH, it’s proof of a certain vibrancy of the Turkish music scene, especially over the capital. Right from Instanbul came a recently formed duo, made of Gamze Koba & Mert Yıldız, walking the line between darkwave and electro with new wave and industrial undercurrents.

After a noisy industrial-tinged 2-track debut earlier this year, the pair veer towards a prominently cold synth-laden electronic path that lays the strong dance-inducing foundations for the intense and angsty commanding vocal delivery.

New single “An End To Lies”, while lyrically is about cleansing your life by getting rid of friends who don’t have your best interests at heart, strikes the right balance between vigorous electro pulsations and evocative noirish darkwave moods.

Bouncing hypnotic slightly acidic basslines and noisy industrial drones, backing sharp claps and fractured beats, create a distressing claustrophobic feel of alienation and unease heightened by anxious, beautifully austere vocals oozing disgust, anguish and fear. Shadowed by dramatic and menacing swathes of synths and charged by robust drumbeats, she’s “done with toxic people and their lies” in a soaring triumphant ultimate reckoning.

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Shot by Can Sarıçoban