WL//WH Track Of The Day : The Ghost of Bela Lugosi “Berlin”

Track Of The Day

From a tip from my friend Greg, here’s a new one man band, called The Ghost of Bela Lugosi, from the capital of Transylvania Adelaide, with the ambitious yet intriguing aim to create and bring musical listeners ‘a Chilling Bleak Dark Wave / Cold Wave / Minimal Synth / Electro 1980s Underground Experimental Cinematic Euro Sleaze Inspired Haunting Post Punk Journey into Darkness, Desperation,Depravity & Despair….with a Twist of Erotic Goth Horror’.

An addictive mix of post-punk, darkwave, synth-pop and electro, “Berlin” is an irresistible dance-inducing gothic noir array of throbbing bass lines, brooding pulsating synths, sombre piercing guitar chords, pounding rhythms. The haunted, parodic, pleading vocals tell us a tale of lust, seduction and horror, a love story gone bad with a “narcissistic, parasitic” vampire girlfriend in a scary “symphony of sickness”.

But it’s not “Berlin” only, from the darkwave meet Gary Numan of “Die With Your Eyes Open”, the enveloping synth-driven darkness of “Dead Poets Society” to the raw electro post-punk of “Unspeakable”, all packed full of horror movie references and retro sensations, pure dark aural pleasure for the Goth in you.

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