Track of the Day The Dreams Never End

We featured a couple of years back The Dreams Never End, the Portuguese project started at the end of 2014 by drummer Carlos Magalhães (former Khaos, Lacrima Christ, Kausa, Pátria) soon joined by Virgilio Santos, characterized by a 80s UK influenced dark post-punk sound that merge elements from synthwave, darkwave, synthpop and coldwave with distinctive Lusitanian language poetry.

The Odivelas / Lisboa duo has just released the deeply emotional synth-laden track “Vai”, part of the Z22 label‘s “Polis Noire” Compilation, where beautiful standing out synth strings churn out romantically epic and harrowingly melancholic dark overtones of equally warm and icy cold heart-piercing quality.

Droning spacious distortion drifts into relentless propulsive lashing beats and sparse sharp claps, laced with deep pulsing bleak bassline that oscillates and throbs ceaselessly, while achingly glacial airy synth melodies swirl to tinkle and weep into shimmering inescapable pain and anguish, around submerged urgently detached male vocals bleeding a heart-felt plea to turn around and believe.

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