WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE DISTANT MINDS “Eyes Don’t Lie”

Track Of The Day  The Distant Minds  

When I was a teenager I was cold towards ‘cheesy’ Synth-Pop and Italo Disco even if I used to attend discotheques, albeit mainly for feminine chasing reasons, the alternative ones were apparently for a synonym for the less attractive girls, somehow breaking the rule that those who used to listen to rock music, were not allowed.

Over the years, and with the consequent more open-mindedness, or maybe it will be that such sounds, willy-nilly, have coalesced constantly in my subconscious, I have found myself increasingly attracted to both, as much as to recover a discography, however partially, known, essentially the latter, only incidentally.

The British project, The Distant Minds, started in 2014 by Alan B (vocals, lyrics) and Darren B. (synths, drum machine and compose ), are increasingly raising the bar of their production and composition quality, able to capture the spirit of the early/mid-’80s UK new wave sound very nicely, just think of last April’s enticing and heartfelt synthpop number, “Calis Minds”, refined by a house piano coda.

A refreshing example of what has been said above is the new single “Eyes Don’t Lie”, ringing with an infectious blend of old-school melodic synth-driven pop flavoured with a tad of Italo charm.

Not simply carefree as at first would seem, the lyrics confess heartbreak and denial at the hands of lies and illusions.

A hypnotic and melancholic dancy whirlwind, exuding romance, passion and desire, of steady propulsive snare beats galloping along with rolling squelchy bassline, swathed by a glaring wave of captivating, warm synth melodies, wandering and echoing flashing intensity with atmospheric male vocals, swaying, amidst high airy anxieties, low brooding exhalations, and powerful angry whispers, into the romantic pangs of a shocking betrayal.

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