WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE DESIRE “Save Me”

Track Of The Day  THE DESIRE  

 The Desire is a shadowy Dark/New Wave band from North East of England, that provides an austere, retro, gothic-tinged, both eerie and mesmerizing, synth sound, paired with glaring vibrating low ends and soft, stunned, apathetic vocal deliveries. Somehow an unlikely combination of spooky and arcane Dungeon Synth atmospheres with sedated, soft-shaded echoes of the early 80’s UK New Wave.

The second single, “Save Me”, from the upcoming The Desire‘s 8-track debut album, “Violator”, deals with sad lyrics manifesting the desperate and helpless feelings of a lost soul whose only expectation is for no one to “Save Me” as he hangs from a wall.

“Save Me” is shrouded in a metaphysical, dark-edged spectral twilight to evoke visions of unearthly misty desolation, stirred by the repetitive buzzy grumbles of pulsing basslines, punctuated with urgent light thudding snares, whilst whirring liquid dry-chilly synths, dramatically waft atop airless, haunted angsty vocals and wicked ghostly whispers releasing pain and alienation into an urgent, obsessive doom-laden mood.