WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE COVENTRY “Julian”

Track Of The Day The Coventry 

‘Here in the West journalists are not put in jail’ often hypocritically underlines the most prominent, so-called TV journalist, from our national mainstream media.

Denied of his freedom since 2010 and held in London’s maximum-security prison of Belmarsh since 2019, Wikileaks‘ founder Julian Assange is increasingly closer to US extradition for spying charges, just because he’s guilty of unmasking the conspiracies, lies and crimes of the US empire.

Crucial and eye-opening disclosures, without any proof of denial, that each of us had the right and should continue to know, like it or not. A horrendous injustice is in the making, and an unforgivable shame, albeit not one and only, for a Western society moving more and more away from any semblance of democracy. #freeassange #freeassangeNow

A heartfelt homage is the sentimental “Julian” by Italian Post-Punk /Darkwave 3-pieces The Coventry, taken by the just relesed double A-side single, that describes the loss of innocence through a lens of sorrow and self-awareness

Established in Spring 2017, with a couple of albums under their belt in the biennium 2018/19, the young South Of Italy‘s band, comprised of Mario Manfredi (voice, songwriter), Valerio Rivieccio (synth, guitar, composer) & Adriana Colella (synth), combine ’80s-tinged Post-punk and Dark Wave elements with freshness and personality, to churn out an equally intense, cold yet emotional sound, infused with a pervasive and seductive decadent melancholy.

Whilst it seems that the long-awaited The Coventry‘s third album is on its way sometime this year, the new two previews show a group apt of organically shifting from the Coldwave suggestions of “Julian” with nods to Asylum Party and Little Nemo, to the dark atmospheric synth-pop of “Sweets To The Sweet”.

Steady punchy rhythms propel a limber pulsing bassline, swaying underneath a sparkling weft of reverb-strewn aching guitar melodies piercing the darkness like lightning to writhe in eternal agony around lost wistful male vocals dropping emotional cries, baritone echoes, and distant howls through sinister disarray of broken dreams.

The Coventry‘s double A-side single, ” Julian ” / Sweets To The Sweet, is now available, on Digital and very limited CDr edition of 100 copies, via Swiss Dark Nights. 

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