WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE COLOURS OF SILENCE “Fall For It” feat. Ditta Perdita

Track Of The Day The Colours of Silence

Rio De Janeiro-based Brazilian dark electronic musician Hélio Peixoto spans Coldwave, Dark Ambient, Electro, Synthpop and Darkwave through different monikers (A World of Mystery, Vox Insana and The Colours of Silence) and occasional web collaborations.
Falls rightly within the latter, the brand new track “Fall For It” from his mostly darkwave project The Colours of Silence featuring the fascinating vocals and lyrics by Argentinian composer/musician/chanteuse Ditta Perdita. 
A song about two girls in love, narcotics, and enjoying life, “Fall For It” is an intriguing, yet familiar blend of, ominous and resonant, dim bass pulsations, subdue simmering guitar melodies, fluctuating glassy and hypnotic dismal synths, monotonous hard-hitting rhythms to create mysterious nocturne-goth feel oozing uninhibited lust and unbridled passion superbly imbued by alluring voluptuous vocals vibrating of longing, pleasure and desire that tease us deeply on their way down to heaven.
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