WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE COLD FIELD “Floating Above the Wasteland”

Track Of The Day  THE COLD FIELD

Adelaide based dark wave duo, The Cold Field, consisting of Ian Messenger (vocals, guitar, synth, programmed drums) and Heath Newberry (bass), are slowly getting closer to their sophomore album, “Hollows”, via independent German label Cold Transmission Music, sharing, from time to time tasty glimpses from it. as the latest “Floating Above the Wasteland”.

The Australian band have increasingly developed an elegant and enveloping, both moody and nocturnal, sound that draws lingering echoes from the synth-laden wave and post-punk of the early 80s and the shoegaze from the 90s combined with fresh leanings to the modern darkwave, in a ceaselessly magnetic and haunting struggle between shadows and lights, drifting in murky waters of excruciating pain, forsaken melancholy and familiar sadness.

The gripping bass pulsations and, above all, the reverb-strewn, both emotional and hypnotic, sparkling guitar work are in the foreground on the immersive and esoteric “Floating Above the Wasteland”.

Driven by tight pounding snare beats, cut through by a bleak gurgling bassline, rippling wistful guitar strains, awashed by airy icy synth swathes, pierce, stretch out and surge into harrowing, high pitched scorching wails around ethereal, humming ceremonial interludes imbued with distant, atmospheric, narcotic baritone wanderings, breathing hopelessly in expanding blaring sax-like -blowing dimensions of agony and ecstasy, suspended in a disorienting mist of frozen dreams.

Assuredly, as some have already stated, “Hollows” will be one of the best Post-Punk releases of the year.

The Cold Field‘s second LP ⚡️H O L L O W S ⚡️ is slated for release, CD /Yellow Vinyl 12″ & Digital, on August 6, 2021, through Cold Transmission Music, already on pre-order on Bandcamp.

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