WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE BLUE HERONS “Talking to ghosts”


Crossing the aural waves between Europe and the U.S. the now established pair of Swiss multi-instrumentalist Andy Jossi (The Churchhill Garden, Whimsical) and Los Angeles-based vocalist and lyricist Gretchen DeVault (The Icicles, Voluptuous Panic, and The Francine Odysseys) under The Blue Herons moniker, have tweaked a refined, dreamy and breezy Jangle Guitar Pop sound inspired by the Sarah Records/C86 heydays, where Gretchen‘s sinuous velvety, crystal-clear and expressive vocalizations struck a fine harmonious balance with Andy‘s enthralling and vibrant flowing guitar layers of acoustic strumming, light muffled distortions and sparkling emotive resonances.

The duo have dropped the first single of 2024, titled “Talking to Ghosts”, which lyric-wise, deals with a lonely soul who faces the harsh reality that a loved one has left and is never coming back.

Fueled by the warm pulsating brace of steady nimble drum beats and rubbery basslines, a cramming throbbing wandering of guitars, strum and jangle in endearing airy shimmering unison, to weave vibrant dynamic melodic textures, hovering lightly, imbued with keyboard-coated dazzling fluidity and pathos over sad emotional vocals, longing with angsty vibrancy into moody sways of nostalgia and melancholic longing, to gently warm up our heart.

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